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                          About us
                          Contact us


                          Winnie Zeng
                          Tel/ Fax:0086-020-36966593
                          E-mail: winnie@jiadepack.com
                          Ali Trader: cn1520170212pymk

                          Zhenzhen Kong
                           or 008615218881087  
                          E-mail: sales2@jiadepack.com 
                          Wechat: k15218881087
                          Company profile
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                          Guangzhou Jiade Packaging Equipment  Co. Ltd. specializes in LCD VFFS Packing Machine Which are widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical industry. cosmetics tea.  daily chemical. desiccant   plastic.  Hardware  industries. The products can be particle, powder, liquid, highly viscous paste, sauce body, corrosive chemicals, plastic hardware, screws, nails and any other irregular shape products. The machine are as follow:

                          *Irregular Shaped Sachet Packing Machine

                          *Granule Packing Machine

                          *Liquid Packing Machine

                          *Paste Packing Machine

                          *Powder Packing Machine

                          *Anti-Corrosive Granule (powder) Packing Machine

                          *Pepper and Salt Packing Machine(Weight to pack<0.5g)

                          *Tea Bag Packing Machine

                          *High Speed Multi Lanes Packing Machine

                          High-Tech, High-Quality, High-Grade packaging machinery is our factories' promise to users of our machines.


                          After-Sales Service

                          1. Install and Test the machine to Customers’ Workshops. by video and manual or go to make a train to customers’ companies. Customers will be responsible for technical staff’s visa, accommodation only

                          2. Maintenance and Repair: Guarantee two year, Main Parts are provided free in warranty period, the freight is also free at the first time and the second time. but If the machine was broken due to wrongly operating by users, the parts and freight must be paid by users.

                          3. Make a operation train: by video and manual or go to make a train to customers’ companies. Customers will be responsible for technical staffs' visa,round tickets & accommodation only